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Welcome to Crazy's 23rd Annual Smartypants Foosball Challenge!

It's that time of year again - the Foosball site is up and running! If you are new to Foosball, check out the rules page.

Please check your picks on the My Picks page each time you make a pick to make sure it is correct.

How do I Foosball?

  1. Complete the sign up form.
    • You can complete the form up to 3 times (each time will cost $10).
    • You will need to acknowledge that your entry fee will not be refunded if the NFL season is shortened/cancelled.
  2. Send your payment.
    • Include the following information along with your payment:
      • Your full name
      • Number of entries you are paying for (if you signed up for more than one)
      • If you have included payment for other people:
        • Their full name(s)
        • Number of entries (if they signed up for more than one)
      • Each entry's username (if possible)
  3. Watch for an email telling you that you have been marked as paid.
    • You can expect this email to arrive within a week of putting your payment in the mail.
  4. Make your pick.